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Management software development in Rome with Italmarket

Administration software Rome

For over twenty years, Italmarket of Rome has been involved in the development of management software for e-commerce, business management and warehousing, invoicing and accounting. We develop ad hoc solutions for every company, because we know that in terms of organization and management, the needs are different for each one.
We put at your service our team of programmers able to create customized software for the management of various types of business activity, from the simplest to the most complex. We have always developed customized computer programs, creating products that are really useful and suitable for the company that commissioned them.

Management software for e-commerce

Administration software Rome

From the integration of the warehouse with an e-commerce platform to the management of digital invoicing, the Italmarket agency in Rome develops management software for highly customized and efficient online stores. Having an e-commerce platform is important, but a standard solution is never suited to the particular needs of a company. The platform must be able to interface with the different sections of a business, and can do so thanks to the intervention of expert programmers.
Especially for online stores with a large catalog of products, then, it is essential to integrate a warehouse management software to the e-commerce platform. The two systems must be able to communicate quickly and effectively with each other, an even more important communication if the online commerce activity joins a traditional local activity. With a shared warehouse, online and offline sales management systems have to interact optimally to avoid dangerous inconveniences: to make just a simple but emblematic example, if the last product in the warehouse was sold in the physical store, then it can not be available in the online store.

Management software for billing and accounting

Another component of e-commerce is billing, whose management must be coordinated with the sales made. Also in this case, when the trade does not develop only online but also in physical stores or on other channels, the numbering of the issued invoices must include all the transactions carried out by the commercial activity. To manage all this better, you need billing software to integrate with the e-commerce platform.
But it's not just online stores that issue invoices. All companies need to manage billing and accounting. Italmarket deals with the development of accounting and billing software for companies of all kinds.

Local management software or in the cloud

The future of information technology is the "cloud", ie "cloud based" solutions. For this reason we develop cloud management software, that is, accessible online, in addition to the traditional programs that can be installed locally, on the company's computers or servers. In any case, we guarantee maximum efficiency and technical support.

Why choose Italmarket

Our team of programmers can develop customized management software for your company tailored to your business and business needs. In addition to taking care of the development work, Italmarket will support you with a consultant who will follow you throughout the period of collaboration and a support team always ready to answer all your questions.
If you want to know us better and find out what we can do for your company, contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants: you will reach us at your office to show you how we work and which management software we can develop for you.

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