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Chauffeur rome Transfer Shuttle Tour has been operating for several years in the rental with driver, perform services with highly qualified and professional experience and maximum seriousness'. Transfer and Shuttle Tour 'to provide personalized services and appropriately modulated to meet the varied needs of our customers. In particular Transfer Shuttle Tour provides services ... -


rome transport DADAS is a company created for home deliveries of appliances, hi-fi, TV, computer. The company employs qualified personnel for moving, for transportation and installation of the products and the most varied problems that can be found in the customer's home. The appliances are delivered by trucks equipped with ... -


rome photocopiers prices The MO.VI.TECNICA of Rome in the world offers the rental of copiers Kyocera for about 10 years, and it 'can offer advice in the field of office automation. Can offer cost analysis and management products in place, research the best product for your needs, study architecture and infrastructure, your business ... -


lift installations in Rome The M.I.M.E.R. S.n.c. is a family-run company, which operates in the field of plant trucks for more than 50 years. The passion for this job, passed down from father to son, has enabled it to keep abreast with the times, managing to combine the many years of experience with the ... -


Civitavecchia cruise port transfer -


moving to rome Carmelina Traslochi Cotroneo was responsible for transporting domestic and intenazionali for home, industry and office. We make weekly trips to Calabria, Sicily, Puglia, Piedmont, Lombardy and the Veneto. Removals are performed in the center of Rome, transport in the small town. The services include free inspections and quotes, special packaging ... -


osteoporosis FIROMMS (Italian Foundation for Research on Osteoporosis and Musculoskeletal Diseases) is the first Italian nonprofit Foundation committed to osteoporosis and musculoskeletal diseases. The scope of FIROMMS is to establish an International Research Institute in Italy that will be at the forefront of research, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of populations at ... -


onlus abandoned dog Supporting DOGITALY is the best way to help people in the territory is already working non-profit, for welfare and not only the commitment of DOGITALY is to bring accountability to the institutions of power that, unfortunately, with regard to Animal welfare is by no means adequate to needs. Enroll as ... -


communication projects in Lecce Our team is currently integrated into a national network of field "Information Technology & Communication" (available on the market since 1996), has as its operational area Lecce and Salento (Puglia). For a logistic and economic strategic choice we decided to dematerialize our work, preferring the exclusive presence on the web. In this ... -


companies moving in Samples of the move We work for several years in the field of relocation and transportation and we have gained considerable experience with regard to issues relating to national and international removals, with full services for the packaging of content, disassembly and reassembly of furniture and personal transport for specific ... -


digital printing in rome Essemme Group was established to develop the experience of the members on behalf of major companies in the digital printing industry. Essemme Group operates in the world of printing and communication, commonly referred to Graphic Arts. Is responsible for sales and service of software and hardware technologies for printing, prepress and ... -


professionals Do you need a professional (lawyer, accountant, consultant work) and do not know where to turn? If then you have to solve a problem in another city, province or region, things get complicated even more! What to do? Contact a professional place, of course! But who? Airon Web puts at your disposal a ... -


Web agency Italmarket Web Agency is a 'creative workshop of Rome that is specifically designed for graphics to web design and communication on the Internet. Our work contributed to the success of hundreds of small and medium enterprises located in Rome, Lazio and the whole Italian territory. Philosophy We love the simplicity ... -


Earthquakes in Rome die-cut - Arrangement with Biadesivo - Cardboard by S.I.S.M.E. in Rome, you can make achievements of die and die-cutting work and cordonatura, work progress with the application of Biadesivo, drilling and collection of sheets and sheets, with the escalation of construction schedules and everything related to the processing spiralatura. ... -


shuttle rome We are a society of people with a long working experience in the field of car rental, which focuses its work in the quality of services, offering professionalism and seriousness, giving more comfort and high quality service to our customers. Transfer shuttle Tour, is a rental cab service that provides ... -


transfer cruise port civitavecchia We offer a low-cost shuttle service to/from Civitavecchia Cruise Port, Rome, Fiumicino, Ciampino. The most reliable shuttle company which provides door to door service between Rome, Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci), Ciampino and Civitavecchia (harbour - dock) or viceversa. You will be welcomed by a multi-lingual host/hostess in Fiumicino Airport. Our desk is ... -


wrapping roma THE CAR WRAPPERS is a reality that operates all over the country, which now boasts an experience of many years in the field of car wrapping cars, motorcycles, scooters, etc. .. A passion as strong as ours, combined with an unbridled creativity, has become a profession made ​​up of technical, ... -


Foundation A winning team ... shared as your objectives .. sonfident that over time you will succeed .... so give birth to a single reality composed of doctors and experts in the comic clown therapy, or related to these activities, which will bring relief to the people, under the auspices of the Civil Defence ... -


scrap recycling The Centrofer s.r.l. born in 1995 summarizing a highly qualified staff with decades of experience in the field. The aim of the company is to join the commercial aspect, the high professionalism, seriousness and enthusiasm with which we work every day, respecting the environment and sicurezza.Il game team: in society ... -


electrical equipment We guarantee the best service and design for electrical equipment, automation, maintenance condominium, terrestrial and satellite antennas, alarm installation, implementation and service of professional sound systems and audiovisual systems altoparlanti.Progettazione, installation, maintenance and expansion on electrical installations. And assistance on complex condominali for gates, electric shutters, doors and gates, and ... -


offer work in Rome I was looking for a job free, fun, exciting and that allowed me to supplement their income. If you seek the same things, they can also offer it to you! Want to know us better and evaluate the job? -


cleaning companies in rome The Pyramid Ecologica, cleaning firm in Rome washing moquettes disinfection moquettes polishing parquets cleaning environmental sanitation pvc marble gres rodent disinfestation restructuring of internal restructuring ville cleaning apartments cleaning masonry cleaning stable -


sewer drain in rome The company Michele Amicone deals in Rome for the construction, repair and unblocking sewage networks, wells and septic drain blacks, waste stacks and unblocking toilets, drainage compartments flooded, more than 25 years. Has competent staff in the field to ensure its services in full compliance with the regulations, and able to ... -


Data Processing pinerolo torino In Pinerolo center, a beautiful town and business in the province of Turin, are the Study Medda. With the experience of two specified serious professionals, the Ragioniera Tiziana Medda and Surveyor Roberto Delli Ponti, assisted by their quality staff, can be used for business accounting services, tax advice, tax advice, ... -


transport rome safes The safes Transport is a company which specialized in the handling of safes and heavy items. It makes use of qualified staff with many years of service, Collaborated for several years with removal companies, providing them with technical and logistical support for the handling of safes. Among the services offers ... -


cleaning firm in Rome New Adriatica is a 'cleaning company a family. We work in Rome and throughout the province and conduct a 'wide range of services proposing ourselves in the forefront ensuring professionalism, accountability, trying to satisfy every need. Our work is done with some of the most modern and products that are ... -


voluntary association in rome Want to volunteer but do not know where to Rome? Want to know what associations there are in your municipality and what is involved? You want to figure out how to make available to others your time? The experience of the Centers for Voluntary Service in Lazio trovavolontariato born, ... -


billboards Media View S.r.l. born in January 2004 due to the desire to capitalize on the experience gained over the years with great enthusiasm in the advertising industry. Composed by a team of young entrepreneurs and skilled staff with one goal: to express creativity and passion our professional potential to serve ... -


removals in Rome The Transportation Pianos A. P. F. S.r.l. operates in the transport and handling of pianos and musical instruments in Rome. Specializing in making these services with reliability and professionalism. The Piano Trucking offers transportation, storage, shipping, handling and assistance for cultural concerts, festivals and events in general. Among his clients ... -


employment consultants Looking for a job consultant for your business in Web Airon Labour Consultants can find professional and Professional Studies will satisfy your search. In this section you can find a list of specialized Labour Consultants, able to help in this difficult task. -


Fashion school in Rome International Academy of fashion and art of costume Koefia in Rome. Courses in fashion, poise, costume, graphic design, marketing, short courses, portamento -


rome crane Di Gennaro crane has been in business since 1952 and plays a historical role in the lifting industry and road haulage. Our fleet consists of cranes, aerial platforms, spiders and trucks with cranes. We can offer lifting, handling and positioning of machinery, electrical equipment, works of art, industrial machinery, safes, ... -






rome seo if you think your site should be visible 'and popularity' on the major search engines, or do you want to strengthen your corporate image with a banner campaign or email marketing to over 100,000 email addresses assigned to SEO Italmarket. We suggest: 1. A dedicated consultant who will follow you ... -


Reading water meters in Rome The Silca s.r.l. has been operational since 1 July 1970. The activity is carried out special reading of meters of water and its divisional accounting of spending. This idea was born noting the need to give the exact water consumption for each unit or commercial. The Silca is in charge ... -


tennants Was established in 1968 in Milan at the initiative of major committees under public housing who are fighting for the restoration of their neighborhoods and for a social fee reduced. L 'Union "which is to coordinate Federal uses its own mass-circulation newspaper:" The newspaper Tenants Union "directed by Giuseppe Zambon. ... -


counseling and psychological interventions lecce The association TOWER OF BABEL Onlus was founded in September 2006 from a group of friends interested in building a place to confront and meet the different languages and voices of those who live from inside the family (couples, parents, children ) and of those around these relations is moving ... -


removals rome The Ar Traslochi based in Rome is a leading moving, with many years experience, specializing in all types of removals for homes, businesses, offices and events. We are available to online quotes and small removals in rome. Our warehouses and containers for storage of furniture. and we operate throughout Rome ... -


decorations for parties Balloon Fantasy S.r.l. has been active for over 20 years in the party, with the subsequent development of the brand Fantasy Party which enables it to be the market leader of party items, decorations for parties and balloon art. The possibility of replenishment goods in real time, with over 3,000 ... -


graphic editorial in rome Company operating in the industry since 1986 providing services plasticization and painting. E 'in a position to fully satisfy its customers, thanks to better organization made possible by the shift in the new settlement in Pomezia (new industrial building with an area of square meters. 1500) Plasticization, rolling, rolling, coating, ... -


accommodation in perugia The placement of ads is free, and no commission is payable for any business arising from research or the offer, the soc. Italmarket.com S.r.l., manager of the portal. For l 'insertion of ads are NOT required to register. The Portal Case-online.com has a pleasant ease of navigation and search ads. ... -










connection airport rome Transfer Shuttle Tour has been operating for several years in the rental with driver, perform services with highly qualified and professional experience and maximum seriousness'. Transfer and Shuttle Tour 'to provide personalized services and appropriately modulated to meet the varied needs of our customers. In particular Transfer Shuttle Tour provides services ... -


Disinsecting in Rome Disinfection health sanitisation, diving remediation, control of public blatte nell'igiene bait insecticide without closure of premises and removal of staff, treatment against parasites of the wood. Disinsecting with CO2 (carbon dioxide) against insects xilofagi with room air, for treatment of furniture and fabrics, bollards for birds, rodent, location of monitoring ... -


castles hire The Castle Bus was founded in 1989 as a bus company Bus hire Gran Turismo. Since then carries out its activities with passion, dedication and professionalism above all, that has always been a priority. The Castles Bus has gained much experience over time and this gave her the ... -


limousine rental in rome Executive Limo and Services offers a limousine service from Rome to Fiumicino, Ciampino Civitavecchia. Then choose between luxury limousines such as the Mercedes S-Class, Mercedes E-Class and other exclusive limousine available. Among our services we also offer the possibility to tour in Rome 4-hour or 8-hour tour cruises from the ... -




theatrical productions for exhibitions Our company is a wonderful mix of Motivation, Determination, youth and dynamism. It takes life experience to be undertaken over 90 years, implemented in 2000, fueled by the labor force always determined by the desire to be able to realize a dream: it is the passion that creates the project. ... -


Printing house in Rome Luigi Bernardini commercial printers and publishing since the 70. It offers care and precision of experienced professionals in the work of offset printing, hot, digital, continuous forms, screen printing, adhesive labels on reels, brochures, flyers, custom tickets, playbills, posters, envelopes, letterhead, letterheads, cards and specialize in labels for clothing. -


accountants study in Rome Accountant in Rome processing tax information - Study of accountants operating in Rome since 1995 in the service sector of the tertiary sector, development of play accounts and provide tax assistance to businesses and self-employed. MISSION - Operating since 1995 in the service sector of the tertiary sector, development of ... -


rome veterinary clinic The Veterinary Clinic Villa Andreina is located in a park of 22,000 square meters. Acilia (Rome), and is equipped with un'ambulatorio, nursery and operating room. Timetable of surgery are performed medical examinations, vaccinations, microchipping with registration in the canine, laboratory analysis. The clinic is also equipped for gastroenterological visits, digital ... -


domestic removals rome The company Fani Removals, deals in Rome removal, transport, storage furniture, hire aerial platform, porterage, packaging. Also provides vehicles with driver, transporting pianos, scale lifting. The company uses Fani forty years of experience specializing in transportation as pianos and antiques. Over time, customers have asked to be helped in the ... -




accountants If you are looking for an accountant and do not know who to turn to, in Airon Web you can find a list of Chartered Accountants present in your city and look for the most suitable accountant. In this section you can find a list of specialist accountants, experts in various ... -


hire cranes and aerial platforms The Minguzzi Inc., are also active in the handling of works of art, has the means for lifting heavy machinery. Rental offers cranes, mobile cranes with Speech, Lloguer platforms, assistance with aerial platforms, and other handling equipment -


rome tuscolana veterinarian The Veterinary Clinic Tuscolano dealing for many years with a passion for the care of your dogs, cats and rabbits with absolute professionalism and dedication, using the most advanced technologies. The veterinary clinic is located on the ground floor with a barrier-free access, convenient to the entrance of dogs, cats, rabbits ... -




language school lawns roma The Language Centre Europe, based in Rome Prati, provides students his experience in language lessons. Offers courses in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian language courses for foreigners, individual and group lessons. It 'a center suitable for the preparation of exams First Certificate exam DELE, CILS exams. You can 'also make a preparation for ... -


metal in rome Operating since 1974, O.C.M. Srl, thanks to the experiences of members who founded the company, now is a primary company in the design, production and installation of works of metal, specialized equipment related to the preparation of scenery, spectacular machines, and lifting people and things -


lawyers If you need a lawyer and do not know who to turn to, Airon Web Avvocati offers you a list of lawyers and law firms in your city. In this section you can find a list of specialist Lawyers (civil law, wedding, criminal, corporatists, tax, tax experts, labor law, etc.).. -




Moving home in rome Since 1931 Emili Removals specializes in removals and transport in Rome. We maintain international and domestic removals, packaging and furniture storage, loading and unloading, moving archives. We also rent platforms for relocation. We guarantee journey times regardless of distance, thanks to the newly-built vehicles, with a quality of work, including freight insurance, ... -


disinsecting in Rome and Chieti Rodent disinfestation environmental remediation AIPA DISINFESTAZIONI in Rome and Chieti - derattizzazioni, disinfection, sanitation, disinfection, rodent, mobile station to monitor the radon gas. Products and methodologies for advanced first aid. advanced systems for sanitation and disinfection, Elimination total insects (blatte, fleas, ticks) Topi (our patented) Radon gas detection station. Pledge ... -


Flats for sale in Candela International General Investments Ltd., a privately owned company, is presently constructing prestigious residences situated in an olive grove situated on an hill side overlooking the Apulian plain adjacent to the town of Candela. Due to the formidable geographical position (main highway Naples-Bari and freeway Foggia-Potenza) and to the new electric power ... -


demolitor roma Demolition Pepe is located in Rome, performing emergency road service, car recovery, selling used parts for both cars and motorcycles. Also withdraws your vehicle accident at home and the disposer of all ferrous materials in accordance with applicable law. The delivery of plates to P.R.A. is no agency fees. -




vacancies baby sitter Home & Kids is an agency that selects, trains and employs domestic staff as competent as baby sitters, housekeepers and caregivers in a serious and professional. If you are looking for a babysitter, a nanny, a butler, a nanny or a maid please contact Home & Kids, and you're sure ... -

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