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scales in rome Scales Blasi specializes in tools weight of any type and scale of which is made the sale, repair and service. We scales for laboratory and analytical techniques. Scales Bench or floor, weighing platforms and load cells of all sizes and capacities. Bascule dynamometers, counting, weighing iron, road and rail weighbridges ... -


rome laminated beams Timbers kind since 1963 in Rome Italy, import and trade of wood, lumber, tables, plywood, beams, panels, moral, strips, staves, sub multilayers, Chipboards, etc. plated. derived from the best trees such as pine, oak, cherry, chestnut and many others. -


fono absorbing panels in Rome The products presented by Acustica Italia Inc., are distinguished by, fire, anti-allergic and rot certified and supported by special report by the Ministry of Health 'Italian. We have extrapolated from our range 3 basic items that are part of the line ACOUSTIC PRIVILEGE. The panels pyramid, now famous for their ... -


Production machines in Rome The 2000 Scam this for years now in the field of food packaging, with the consumables like (trays) and (film) and professional equipment for various types of work, is able to follow its customers with solutions (supply) and ( technical assistance) in a short time working at 360 degrees. r ... -


light group Our company manufactures, rents and sells power generators and accessories for more than twenty years. The headquarters is located at the industrial zone of Ciampino (Rm), four km from the GRA diRoma on the Via Appia Nuova. Our factory is spread over an area of 10,000 square meters of which ... -


precision engineering in rome The MBC Ciccioli Sandro operating since 2001 in the field of precision engineering. It guarantees total customer satisfaction, paying attention to technology by focusing on the latest CNC machinery and major brands that provide a cutting-edge technology, flexible, skilled workforce in manufacturing high precision of outputs in cases of urgency ... -


plastics Latin ATS Advanced Technology Solutions, in Latina - Italy sealing elements, insulating materials, elastomers Anti, transmission, components for industrial equipment, accident prevention, abrasives, tools, ancillary equipment, adhesives and chemicals for the maintenance, welding products, electronic instruments, -


Quality tools for containers The Automations CO.M.E.P S.r.l. is a modern company established in 2003, settled in the industrial area of Frosinone - Italy. It appears today as a dynamic and experienced. Building on the Italian market is also finding evidence at international level in the design of plant and machinery industry in the ... -


rome sistem gate automation Welcome to the world of VITAR Srl, a company that can boast of two generations of growth and development in the field of precision mechanics and automation for gates and doors. The VI.TAR offers its products since 1986, but with an 'ultra twenty years experience in the field. Over ... -


industrial rome Our experience of 40 years leads us to offer our customers a serious and efficient in working. You can create commissioned works of any kind Kitchens Hoods sinks Work tables Coal and Wood Grill Dishwasher Ice makers ... -


foundry in Rome The Soc ITALFOND Srl - foundries, on the market for over 40 years with dedication and seriousness offers its customers a wide range of products. -




Equipment and furnishings for the restaurant Omab srl Rome sales organization machinery and furnishings bar, concession of the most prestigious brands of equipment for the food, service. Processing equipment blends ice cream, soft ice cream and pastries, furniture shops, refrigeration equipment, pastry equipment: planetary, mixers, sheeters, ovens. Washing machines from the small bar up from dishwasher ... -


rome simplified packaging Italdibipack Rome Pomezia, wrapping and packaging machines, packaging systems and equipment throughout Italy. For all the need for strapping, shrink wrapping, pallet wrapping. -


plants to plug in rome La Romana Elettromontaggi srl opera in Rome and Lazio by 30 years in the area of the plant in draft beer, wine, beverage coolers and filtration systems for water. Sale, installation, maintenance and repair facilities refrigerants in draft mix pre-and post-mix. Services: OFFICINA: c / o our headquarters is equipped ... -


Manufacturing sales car carpets and rugs The Quattroemme is specialized for over 25 years in the production of carpets for cars and trucks. Our customers are mainly dealers, car dealers and auto accessories, with distribution throughout the country. Our products are characterized by high quality materials and the vast assortment. We produce carpets with board slip ... -


scrap recycling The Centrofer s.r.l. born in 1995 summarizing a highly qualified staff with decades of experience in the field. The aim of the company is to join the commercial aspect, the high professionalism, seriousness and enthusiasm with which we work every day, respecting the environment and sicurezza.Il game team: in society ... -


bricolage in rome Supply impregnants, glazes, murals and even boating. Wide assortment of hardware for the boat, for gazebos, furniture and so on. Profiles in wood with different essences of brass, aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate, etc.. Provision of multi-layer in poplar: Multistrati marine different essences, Listellari in different woods, glued in essence, chips ... -


renewable energy rome The Euronovatech based in Rome, Via Emilio Lami 16 / A is a company founded in 2010 to be inspired by these values​​, and therefore is on the market with a precise goal: to design and market products and techniques for the solution 'housing and maintaining a balanced economic development ... -


electrical equipment We guarantee the best service and design for electrical equipment, automation, maintenance condominium, terrestrial and satellite antennas, alarm installation, implementation and service of professional sound systems and audiovisual systems altoparlanti.Progettazione, installation, maintenance and expansion on electrical installations. And assistance on complex condominali for gates, electric shutters, doors and gates, and ... -

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