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Veterinary in Rome near Tuscolana - Appia -

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rome tuscolana veterinarian The Veterinary Clinic Tuscolano dealing for many years with a passion for the care of your dogs, cats and rabbits with absolute professionalism and dedication, using the most advanced technologies. The veterinary clinic is located on the ground floor with a barrier-free access, convenient to the entrance of dogs, cats, rabbits ... -


scrap recycling The Centrofer s.r.l. born in 1995 summarizing a highly qualified staff with decades of experience in the field. The aim of the company is to join the commercial aspect, the high professionalism, seriousness and enthusiasm with which we work every day, respecting the environment and sicurezza.Il game team: in society ... -


dentistry in rome The natural dentistry is a classical version of dentistry applied to the patient through a holistic view according to which the individual is considered as a whole, both physical and mental. The pathologies of the spine or organs energetically linked up to the teeth with neurological disorders, they represent only ... -


sewer drain in rome The company Michele Amicone deals in Rome for the construction, repair and unblocking sewage networks, wells and septic drain blacks, waste stacks and unblocking toilets, drainage compartments flooded, more than 25 years. Has competent staff in the field to ensure its services in full compliance with the regulations, and able to ... -


hearing aids rome The mission of DIGIMEDIA seeks recovery of hearing function of weak hearing and improving the quality of their lives. The reduction of the capacity hearing, except in rare cases, occurs in a slow and gradual as to clearly manifest itself only when the communication possibilities are very compromised. Greater attention ... -




rome veterinary clinic The Veterinary Clinic Villa Andreina is located in a park of 22,000 square meters. Acilia (Rome), and is equipped with un'ambulatorio, nursery and operating room. Timetable of surgery are performed medical examinations, vaccinations, microchipping with registration in the canine, laboratory analysis. The clinic is also equipped for gastroenterological visits, digital ... -


Disinsecting in Rome Disinfection health sanitisation, diving remediation, control of public blatte nell'igiene bait insecticide without closure of premises and removal of staff, treatment against parasites of the wood. Disinsecting with CO2 (carbon dioxide) against insects xilofagi with room air, for treatment of furniture and fabrics, bollards for birds, rodent, location of monitoring ... -


contractors working pharmaceuticals Riccardo Cucciolla, degree in pharmacy at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 1972. Since 1979 when the See of pharmaceutical Labico (RM) and since 1985 the "Pharmacy Mantegazza"-Rome, ASL RM-D. Expert in fitomedicina, homeopathy, nutritional science. He attended schools in training and post-university and hospital. He holds several Master. -


Health Ortopedia Eur Roma The Health Orthopedics Dr. N. Malpede based in Rome Eur Pavese and provides assistance for: ASL estimates for the disabled, medical supplies, supplies for nursing homes, prepared for plantar shoes, corsets, plantar, electrical appliances, products for pregnant women, baropodometrica computerized analysis of the foot, crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, kinetec, iontophoresis, electrostimulators, ... -


rome beauty Sole e Benessere is a beauty center, solarium and fitness center located in Rome, the area now called AXA Malafede. Our center offers a wide range of treatments for the care, beauty and well being of the person. Sole e Benessere offers a welcoming environment where friendliness prevails, ... -


Ego Yoga in rome Ego Yoga, the first and only Power Yoga studio in Europe recognized by Master Mark Blanchard distributor method of progressive power yoga by Mark Blanchard. -


orthopedics Fabrizio Di Feo lives and performs his profession as a specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology in Rome, was born in San Remo in 1962. He graduated in Medicine in 1987 with highest honors from the University of Rome "La Sapienza". In 1992 he obtained the diploma of specialist in Orthopedics ... -


hairdresser in rome Services Beauty of Francesco Gabrielli, in Rome a few steps from St. Peter. Among our services: putting hair, styling, color touch-standing and growing, semi-color touch-and growth, color refresh, shampoo color, full color, color with tinfoil, schiariture partial, manicure, pedicure beauty treatment, cleaning the face, facial , waxing, reflexology foot massage, ... -


rome heating The Palazzo impianti in operation for 40 years in Rome and the province has acquired great experience in the field of thermodynamics. The highly qualified technical staff that the company has is to manage areas of the installation, operation and maintenance of both centralized and autonomous heating and air conditioning. ... -



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