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Hire self-propelled crane and aerial platforms - in rome

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hire cranes and aerial platforms The Minguzzi Inc., are also active in the handling of works of art, has the means for lifting heavy machinery. Rental offers cranes, mobile cranes with Speech, Lloguer platforms, assistance with aerial platforms, and other handling equipment - in rome, - in rome


Doors essences ecorate in Rome At the service of architects, engineers, surveyors, Interior Designers, Construction Contractors, Artisans and Joiners, operate in the product ready cash and carry, and practice. - in rome, - in rome


Windows up and down in Rome The Slidal was founded in 1990 with a simple and functional. The idea of Saliscendi in its simplicity, is proving to be so innovative and effective immediately collect the interest of many: from the large private company. Its features make it an ideal product in any field of use. The ... - in rome, - in rome


lift installations in Rome The M.I.M.E.R. S.n.c. is a family-run company, which operates in the field of plant trucks for more than 50 years. The passion for this job, passed down from father to son, has enabled it to keep abreast with the times, managing to combine the many years of experience with the ... - in rome, - in rome


Material for building in Rome Construction Materials in Rome - The Albatros Agenti Associates is a company that plans for building materials industrial. Founded in Rome in 1990 by a group of professionals with long experience in the construction industry, Albatros Associates agents operating in Sydney at the service of Italian manufacturing companies with the ... - in rome, - in rome


construction company in rome The Primedil S.r.l. is active since 2000 in the construction industry and related systems, with technical and workforce benefits from the Company and, as they specialize in construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings and business of large retailers. The Primedil S.r.l. is able to perform beyond the walls, floors and ... - in rome, - in rome


advertising in rome A new working group young, dynamic, a new professional comes at a difficult time communicating when there is more silence, which starts immediately accelerates when the market pulls back, showing courage to act when others are paralyzed by fear. Expedio service, your new business partner. Decor Outlets: Design, production ... - in rome, - in rome


pottery production in rome Ceramikada collects unique and refined craft and industrial production, combining ancient and modern with strict fantasy. Production and sale of floor coverings and furniture complements ceramic, wood and leather, including traditional techniques such as cocciopesto and lamatura parquet done by hand with the effects of bleaching and aging. - in rome, - in rome


rome laminated beams Timbers kind since 1963 in Rome Italy, import and trade of wood, lumber, tables, plywood, beams, panels, moral, strips, staves, sub multilayers, Chipboards, etc. plated. derived from the best trees such as pine, oak, cherry, chestnut and many others. - in rome, - in rome


Sale fixtures in rome TECHNOLOGY The TEKNO EMME is a technology, art, supported by experience in the field of high technology fixtures and closure systems. RELIABILITY ' Among our suppliers, the most qualified companies in the sector to ensure our customers reliability, security and a high quality of the work is more traditional than ... - in rome, - in rome


Roman castles doors Fixtures 2000 in Rome is an art. Using the profiles and systems Infissi 2000 claims may be more achievements in various types, shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Whatever the frame chosen for a renovation or new construction, the quality of Infissi in 2000 will ensure the beauty of your home. ... - in rome, - in rome


waterproofing in rome IMPERMEABILIZZARE WITHOUT DEMOLIRE What we do: Production, Application and Technical Advisory: Encapsulation Aminato, waterproofing without demolishing the background against humidity ', infiltration, terraces roofing, coatings, swimming pools, and special paints, resins Floors, Antacids, injections dehumidifying, consolidation, reinforcement, Industrial Flooring, Painting work. WATERPROOFING OF TERRACES CONDOMINIALI: The company E.R.I. has its ... - in rome, - in rome


damp walls Derec Company srl of Rome is in a position to offer the resolution of all the problems of moisture in buildings, on walls and in environments, waterproofing horizontal, waterproofing vertical thermal insulation, sound-absorbing insulation, Restoration, consolidation, restructuring, restoration, design and execution of specific works, Controls: diagnostic, humidity, plaster postings (infrared), ... - in rome, - in rome


tends to rome Ferranti upholstery work in the field of interior upholstery for over 80 years. Produces sofas, beds, mattresses, curtains and draperies made with the finest Italian fabrics. Ferranti and the upholstery is' marked over the years for making simple covering work from the family's living room to the complete supply of ... - in rome, - in rome


woodworkers roma Edilcasa Group srl, a company for about 40 years on the market, is specialized in the production of stairs wooden furniture and iron. Our articles, exclusive of woodworkers are all made to measure in two species of beech, iroko and other on request. At our headquarters in Rome, via Valerio Publicola you ... - in rome, - in rome


fono absorbing panels in Rome The products presented by Acustica Italia Inc., are distinguished by, fire, anti-allergic and rot certified and supported by special report by the Ministry of Health 'Italian. We have extrapolated from our range 3 basic items that are part of the line ACOUSTIC PRIVILEGE. The panels pyramid, now famous for their ... - in rome, - in rome


Hotels in Rome Since 1980 our organization designs and builds swimming pools giving the customer all the professionalism necessary to give a finished work to perfect rule of art. The materials used are supplied by leading international manufacturers and their assembly is done directly from us without the aid of workers given the particular ... - in rome, - in rome


foundry in Rome The Soc ITALFOND Srl - foundries, on the market for over 40 years with dedication and seriousness offers its customers a wide range of products. - in rome, - in rome


concrete production in Rome The Ariccia Calcestruzzi S.R.L. work in the field of concrete since 1976. L 'company mainly produces concrete products, and is equipped with a modern fleet with trucks from 8 and 11 cubic meters of reach and service tankers. Qualified staff also ensures' s technical assistance on building sites. The service ... - in rome, - in rome


bricolage in rome Supply impregnants, glazes, murals and even boating. Wide assortment of hardware for the boat, for gazebos, furniture and so on. Profiles in wood with different essences of brass, aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate, etc.. Provision of multi-layer in poplar: Multistrati marine different essences, Listellari in different woods, glued in essence, chips ... - in rome, - in rome


rome waterproofing Tecno Alluminio in Rome takes care of the production and sale of wooden doors from inside even lacquered with fine carvings, available in a variety of colors, designed with particular attention to modern forms, and even iron shutters, awnings with arms, gazebos, tunnel tents, wooden windows, gates, railings, shutters, doors. - in rome, - in rome


rome stairs For the achievements of the products range relies on the collaboration of the best companies in the country. The production scale is personally customized, and over the years, adding to the ancient techniques of modern technology, achieved a perfect fusion to ensure a high level of production that meets a ... - in rome, - in rome


rome sistem gate automation Welcome to the world of VITAR Srl, a company that can boast of two generations of growth and development in the field of precision mechanics and automation for gates and doors. The VI.TAR offers its products since 1986, but with an 'ultra twenty years experience in the field. Over ... - in rome, - in rome


selling doors The Mondial Infissi is an art. Using the profiles and systems are possible Mondial Infissi several achievements in types, shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Whatever the frame chosen for a renovation or new construction, the quality of Mondial Infissi ensure the beauty of your home. The MONDIAL DOORS SRL has ... - in rome, - in rome


rome fireplaces TRADITION And 'the chimney in its oldest and most characteristic, one that allows us to enjoy the charm and the view of the fire. resistance Characteristic given by the thickness of the walls of the refractory and cast iron support structure in expanded clay heartfelt. These elements together ... - in rome, - in rome


abrasive in rome The Company G. Longo in Rome, is a leading manufacturer of abrasives cold. Founded in 1964 by the proprietor, has worked since birth successfully to the study and then to the realization of elements (fields / stones) for the abrasive machining of all types of natural stone and agglomerates different. ... - in rome, - in rome

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