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MBC Ciccioli roma meccanica di precisione
Ats Pomezia - materiali plastici
Alberghi in Valle d''Aosta

manifacturing stone, travertino and more in rome - flooring

Did you know that you can find companies that offer everything for the building in Italmarket.com? has also flooring


Roma marble processing Processing travertine marble granite stones and derivatives The Elite Marble Inc., operating for years in the processing of marble and granite, over time, however, we specialize in working at 360 for all other natural stones, and lately we have become authorized processors Okita. In our laboratory ... - flooring, - flooring


pottery production in rome Ceramikada collects unique and refined craft and industrial production, combining ancient and modern with strict fantasy. Production and sale of floor coverings and furniture complements ceramic, wood and leather, including traditional techniques such as cocciopesto and lamatura parquet done by hand with the effects of bleaching and aging. - flooring, - flooring


Material for building in Rome Construction Materials in Rome - The Albatros Agenti Associates is a company that plans for building materials industrial. Founded in Rome in 1990 by a group of professionals with long experience in the construction industry, Albatros Associates agents operating in Sydney at the service of Italian manufacturing companies with the ... - flooring, - flooring


Hotels in Rome Since 1980 our organization designs and builds swimming pools giving the customer all the professionalism necessary to give a finished work to perfect rule of art. The materials used are supplied by leading international manufacturers and their assembly is done directly from us without the aid of workers given the particular ... - flooring, - flooring


waterproofing in rome IMPERMEABILIZZARE WITHOUT DEMOLIRE What we do: Production, Application and Technical Advisory: Encapsulation Aminato, waterproofing without demolishing the background against humidity ', infiltration, terraces roofing, coatings, swimming pools, and special paints, resins Floors, Antacids, injections dehumidifying, consolidation, reinforcement, Industrial Flooring, Painting work. WATERPROOFING OF TERRACES CONDOMINIALI: The company E.R.I. has its ... - flooring, - flooring

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